Run Your Best Broad Street In 2016

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There are four Sundays until Broad Street. If you a looking to spice up your workouts try my BC Fox Run. Park at the parking lot just past Falls Bridge. Your run begins by running over Falls Bridge and making a right and running up Presidential Boulevard or Neil Drive. My running partner and I have had a standing argument over what the heck the name of this road is. I say Presidential! Anyway, if you are not running up a hill you are on the wrong road. This hill goes for a mile where you then cross over City Line Avenue using the pedestrian bridge. Continue running uphill through the Bala Corporate Center and across Belmont Avenue. Be careful here. I like this run because the uphill comes early and is significant for 2 miles. The downhill is gradual putting little to no stress on my knees. Continue on to Conshohocken State Road and make a right. I stay on the sidewalk here and make my running partner run in the street. Just kidding. We run this on Sundays at 7:30 and traffic is no issue. Make the right on Right’s Ferry Road. The only reason we do this is we get to run by our good friend’s house. The first left is Ryle Lane, follow Ryle Lane as it bends to the left turning into Colwyn Lane. You have now come back to Conchie State Road but make a quick right and quick left to pop onto Bala Cynwyd Heritage Trail. This trail is awesome. We call this run The BC Fox Run because….we saw a fox on this trail the second time running it. The Cynwyd trail takes you to the Manayunk Bridge Trail where you cross the river over the newly restored Manayunk Bridge. Love this part. Take the Bridge trail to the end and exit off to right but stay left running down High Street. (Am thinking of stealing that giant tire on the right). Make the left at the bottom of High Street and in a couple yards make a right onto Main Street. You should know your way home from here. Mile 20 of Philly Marathon is just on the other side of Green Lane. Be careful at that intersection. Once across Green Lane head down Main Street Manayunk waving to Winnie as you pass by Winnie’s LeBus ( on your right). When you get to Kelly Drive make the right and pick it up back to the parking lot. Go past the parking lot bollard. What’s a bollard you ask? Google it. Finish at Falls Bridge. This is a good 7 mile run:

Best of luck May 1 going down Broad Street and it is down Broad Street not up like my running partner says. Remember my running partners advice: “When the gun goes off… start running – when you get to the finish line… stop.”

Be Awesome 365 – DrScott

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